Picknick / Kitchen Table Discussion

What: Dinner and discussion
When: June 4th and September 27th, 2008

On June the 4th 2008 a group of people with similar interests got together for dinner and discussion at FLATstation, Amsterdam South East. The theme of the discussion was the influence of local inhabitants on urban planning and architectural development, specifically in Amsterdam South East. The kitchen table discussion at FLATstation was an initiative of Richard Niessen and Esther de Vries. As a follow-up the group met again on September 27th 2008 to make a tour through Amsterdam Southeast (de Bijlmer). In the garden of the renewed Atlas building at the business area the issue of empty office buildings in Amsterdam Southeast was discussed, accompanied by a nice Picknick diner. This Picknick discussion was organised by Els Beukers.
The kitchen table concept of eating and talking is an idea of Ergün Erkoçu, Cultural Intendant 2008 and architect in Rotterdam.