BijlmAir Residency

De Bijlmer is an exiting and inspiring neighbourhood of Amsterdam, located in the South-East of the city. De Bijlmer was designed as a single project in the 1960's and houses almost
100,000 people from 150 nationalities today. It is a unique neigbourbood with many conflicts on one hand and an incredible diversity and richness on the other.

The residency program happens in cooperation with BijlmAir. Three times a year BijlmAir organizes the Artist in Residence program and once a year FLAT has the possibility to invite an artist or a group of artists to live and work in the FLATstation for three months. The residents are directly confronted with the location and are asked to propose work that specifically addresses the space and its characteristics. They are furthermore expected to present their practice to the public and to participate in the activities of FLAT on specific occasions.

On behalf of FLAT Maaike Gouwenberg and Joris Lindhout stayed in the FLATstation in 2008. In 2009, among others, the artist Jan Rothuizen was invited to work on his project "Het zachte atlas van Amsterdam". These artists experienced Bijlmer as an inspiring environment and the social structure of FLAT turned out to be an important factor for the residence period.